Emily Brothers for West Derby


Welcome to Emily Brothers’ campaign to win selection for the Parliamentary seat of Liverpool West Derby.

With roots in Liverpool West Derby and strong Labour values, I would be incredibly proud to represent you in Parliament. That’s why I’m excited to reach the final stage in the current parliamentary selection.

I would not be the person I am today but for my roots in Liverpool. It’s about hospitals, picket lines, disability, gender transition, equalities and taking on the Murdoch press.

My political journey started on a Vauxhall’s picket line. My Consultant at Alder Hey needed specialist advice from Moorfields Eye Hospital, but my parents couldn’t afford travel and accommodation in London. The striking factory workers collected funds to make it happen. It was, for me, a practical expression of the solidarity of working people that is at the heart of the Labour and trade union movement. That is a lasting memory and enduring example of common purpose and co-operation. It is why I am Labour to the core.

I lived on Kremlin Drive, Stoneycroft in early childhood, educated for ten years at St Vincent’s School on Yew Tree Lane and was a very regular patient at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital due to sight loss. I moved to study, work, bring up a family and campaign in London. After a fulfilling career championing equality and human rights, it is now time to come home to West Derby.

I know how tough life is for families under Tory austerity. As a disabled person living on benefits, I struggle financially like so many people in West Derby. With a deprivation rate of 48.9% across West Derby (rising to 71.4% in Tuebrook & Stoneycroft and 85.7% in Norris Green) proactive action is needed to transform our economy. That’s why I want to make a difference through effective casework and advocating for policy change based on fairness.

The impact of discrimination is familiar to me as a disabled woman who has gone through gender transition. I stood up to The Sun when it ridiculed me for being blind and transgender. I took action to win a landmark ruling forcing an apology. Support from the public and wider media was overwhelming, not least from Liverpudlians. With this experience, I lobby for independent press regulation to stop prejudice and intrusion.

I managed a range of special projects with the Disability Rights Commission, including contributing to the harmonising of equality laws and bodies under the last Labour Government. Leading health and local government programmes for the Equality and Human Rights Commission has enabled me to shape policy to improve the life chances of some of the most disadvantaged people in society.

West Derby is a great place because of its people, deserving better community facilities, public transport, quality of housing, education and NHS provision. The deprivation and lack of connectivity in parts of West Derby is a Tory scandal. That’s why we need a Jeremy Corbyn led Government to enable a step change.

Brexit dominates politics and distracts from addressing the everyday pressures experienced by our communities. We need to heal this division whatever the outcome. It means delivering core Labour policies “for the many not the few” and doing politics differently by building consensus.

In asking for your trust by voting for me as your next parliamentary candidate, I pledge to:

  • Act as an exemplar by consulting, reporting and engaging with members and affiliates to inform policy and representation;
  • Work diligently in support of constituents through casework and campaigns to tackle inequalities and improve life chances;
  • Collaborate with Councillors, Mayors and other political representatives to advance Labour’s agenda for fairness;
  • Champion West Derby by advocating for a better economic deal, investment in public transport, funding for our NHS and education, improved community facilities and reduction in crime;
  • Support Labour’s Green New Deal promoting jobs, rapid decarbonisation, public ownership and transport.

Emily’s local roots have thrived to give growth to her national experience – explained in her summary biography. It is a story of social mobility with a local child going national to campaign and work in adulthood, then coming home to fight for West Derby.

The people of Liverpool and socialists more widely know all about struggle and will also know from all the terrible austerity stories under this Tory Government that disabled people face. You will therefore understand that a disabled person finds it much harder to fight on a level playing field with other candidates. You can directly change that by helping to level the playing field by donating to Emily’s campaign on this crowdFunder page. Your donations will go on practical support to overcome the challenges Emily faces as a disabled candidate, leaflets and other campaign resources.

Please donate here for #emilyforwestderby or visit: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/emily-brothers-for-west-derby

You can also make a difference by getting in touch with Emily to offer practical support by emailing emilyforwestderby@gmail.com